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Project Description
ADISSO is a custom membership provider for ASP.NET which use Linq to communicate with database and adds some extra functionalities for managing roles, managers and applications.
Written in C#.

*** I'm very sorry for lack of documentation. I'll complete it as soon as i can. ***

Differences between standard Membership provided by Microsoft and ADISSO:

  • LINQ to SQL: ADISSO uses Linq to manage data between application and business logic.
  • Simplified database schema: only 5 tables, no other view or stored procedures.
  • Application management: manage multiple application. With a single sign on logic, you can define the applications you want to use this login and password. You can lock an application and throw errors when an application is not present on your database.
  • Uncluttered Roles management with managers: every role now has managers. You can define someone who manage the role without specifing a role or giving administrator privileges.

In order to manage all the features of this provider, ADISSO comes from 2 extra tool:

  • Authorization module: in order to manage roles and managers, ADISSO includes a custom Authorization Module which specifies a web.config structure to protect your .net files and folders.
  • Custom Login View control: this control mimic the original asp:LoginView to manage all the features that come with ADISSO.


As of January 23, 2012 the project is at its very first release. This project is born from a simple intranet needing.
So, it could be plenty of bugs, and not secure for production sites (or exposed internet sites).


I'm glad to release my work to other developers. Please ask me if you're interested in joining the project and help building a better ADISSO.



Version January 23, 2012
Initial release. All featurs are implemented. Maybe not so well :)

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