Hello from Los Angeles

Feb 24, 2012 at 10:32 PM

Saw this project and was interested since I have a personal project/website that i'm using standard Asp.Net membership

and wanted to have something better using a Custom Membership Provider with easier to maintain/extend/view security table design.

I like the fact your using Linq to Sql since I'm doing the same with my application.

Questions:  Is the source code ready to be installed in a project and used as is ? 

I know you said it was NOT production ready.

What changes/enhancements have to be made to make it ready.

My app will need the ability to subscribe and have an expiration period.

A manager / worker relationship

Just thinking out loud.

Let me know if you think it will work by plugging in the

Membership / Role providers in the web.config and creating the tables in the DB.

Thanks, LA Guy